white shirt

How can I style my white shirt and jeans?

It does not matter what type of jeans you wear. This combination will work well. Historically a white shirt is tied to a display of wealth and distinction. The term white-collar stems from a white shirt. Even today, a white…

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japanese hoodies

How to purchase cool japanese hoodies?

Fashion plays a critical role on how people are going to view you or rather in what class people are going to put you in. Hoodies have taken the industry by a blast, especially in areas where whether is always…

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How does lithotherapy act?

Its approach is based on holism, a technique that heals the whole being. The action carried out by the lithotherapy stones on the subtle energy system mobilizes this energy by interaction by transmitting it to the main planes (physical, emotional,…

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Lithotherapy is the energetic treatment with stones!

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that brings happiness and well-being on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Here is a complete guide to know everything about this therapy with countless benefits. What is lithotherapy? Lithotherapy is the energetic treatment…

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Jewellery made of natural stones and crystals

More serene, less tired, calmer, less ill: a set of benefits to which many aspire. There are many ways to access them; some chemical, others natural. While conventional medicine will always have its place and will remain the primary alternative…

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Aventurine natural stone jewelry

The virtues of stones in lithotherapy have been recognized by a large number of experts in recent years. Indeed, the different emotions and diseases that parasitize our lives can be cured by crystals and rocks. In this article, it is…

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Choosing the shape of stones and crystals for lithotherapy

Since the dawn of time, wearing jewellery adorned with stones or crystals has meant a lot. Each stone has its own particular property in relation to its shape or colour and even its content. It has its own meaning especially…

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Enjoy the energy of amethyst jewellery!

Amethyst, a classic semi-precious stone, is widely used in jewellery, particularly in the design of simple jewellery with the most original creation. Accompanying women in their daily life, these sublime jewels, adorned with amethyst, are available in all precious metals…

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Lithotherapy: the powers of natural stones!

Natural stones are used for their meaning and power. Lithotherapy consists of healing ailments through the powers of natural stones, or crystals. These emit a form of vibration or “resonance” that directly impacts the well-being of the person who wears…

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Choosing accessories for your party outfits!

For your parties, have you thought about the essential accessories that will transform a beautiful toilet into a sumptuous outfit? Every woman knows the importance of those little details that will make them bewitching in the eyes of those around…

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