Jewellery made of natural stones and crystals

More serene, less tired, calmer, less ill: a set of benefits to which many aspire. There are many ways to access them; some chemical, others natural. While conventional medicine will always have its place and will remain the primary alternative for treating illnesses, there are options that can help uproot genes and other ailments. For this, lithotherapy is intended to be one of these solutions. While it is already adopted by many, it can still be enigmatic for a significant number of people. However, stone therapy has been around for quite a long time, with a date of appearance that varies according to the culture. In any case, its principle is more or less always the same: using the virtues of minerals to help treat various pathologies. What you need to know from the outset is that each type has its own specific quality. Therefore, the right stone should be used correctly for the right disease; this requires knowledge about the varieties and their characteristics.

What is lithotherapy?

The principle of lithotherapy is simple: to use minerals to heal oneself. This more or less simplistic definition can be developed because both the use and the selection of the "material" have their subtleties and meet predefined criteria. Indeed, all stones do not act in the same way. To find out which semi-precious or precious natural stones to buy for your needs, visit Since ancient Egypt in 1450 or in the 1970s, the practice has remained more or less the same until today. It is all about keeping the stone on one's person (or nearby) to enjoy its benefits. It works through a system of resonance. Several theories are put forward on lithotherapy, however, all agree on the fact that in order to act on the organism, the colour, the type of mineral and its vibrations are taken into account.

How are stones used to heal oneself?

When one wishes to use the stones for one's well-being, it is necessary to become familiar with how they work and all the procedures to be followed in order to benefit from the power of the stones for a long time. To understand the "mechanism" of a stone, in addition to the nature of the stone itself, 4 parameters must be taken into account: The natural criterion: since, like homeopathy, lithotherapy can be assimilated to oligotherapy. Also, to each piece its components, and consequently, its contributions on the body and the organism. It is therefore essential to carefully select the stone to be used so that it can act with precision ; The color entering within the framework of the chromotherapy: because each stone has its color, its effects will also be able to vary according to its characteristics; The energy: the essential element for the effectiveness of the treatment; Magnetism, which, together with the energy of the minerals, will fulfil the role to which it is assigned. As a holistic means of treatment, lithotherapy intervenes on all levels of the being; on the body, as well as on the mind and the psyche. To deploy its benefits at all these levels, the minerals chosen must be in contact with those who wish to benefit from its virtues. On the use, the techniques are numerous. If the best known is the one that consists in holding the stone, some prefer to put it under the pillow to benefit from the vibrations while lying down. From now on, it is frequent to see the adepts of the technique, wearing the stones in jewels and ornaments. In addition, the lithotherapy shop, making an increasingly strong appearance, offers types of ornaments and rough pieces, cut or mounted so that their customers can carry (and use) their purchase more easily. Also to know that like any device using energy to function (for lithotherapy, it is the stones that transmit it), the stones must be cleaned and recharged. Also, for :
  • Cleaning, it is possible to use salt water, a flame, incense;
  • The refill, it varies from one stone / person to another. While one technique requires the user to recharge the stone with a kind of "mantra" stone in hand, others recommend letting the stone be bathed in sunlight, moonlight or candlelight.
In order to proceed properly to what could be called "maintenance" of a lithotherapy stone, it is best to refer to the advice of experts in the field; professionals, which are many signs that sell minerals (raw or cut). What can slow down when it comes to starting lithotherapy is the question of efficiency. What must be understood on the subject is that no matter how confident you are in the method, it will impact your condition. However, with sufficient openness, the effects will be more noticeable. Otherwise, an energy barrier will be formed. This will then be the cause of possible attenuation of the results.
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