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Healing crystals: The ultimate guide to lithotherapy

Crystal healing is a type of therapy whereby gemstones are used with an aim to bring some balance to a person’s life and mind. The crystals used are said to have an unchanging energy pattern. Each natural stone has its…

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Tips for well-being, health and being in great shape!

A balanced diet, organic fruit and vegetables when possible, limit fats and sugars. Moderately enrich your diet with certain plants or spices such as turmeric (with black pepper), ginger, cinnamon: these substances have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc. virtues. Turmeric is even…

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How can we improve our well-being?

Well-being is a state that we all strive more or less to achieve. It is directly related, in different proportions depending on the individual, to several factors in our personal life. First of all our pleasure of course, our health,…

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What is the reason for a stitch aside and how can it be avoided?

Surprisingly, the origin of this universal pain is not yet well understood. Shoes on your feet, stopwatch running, jogging starts well. But after a few minutes, a sudden pain is felt in the abdomen: it’s a stitch in the side,…

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Why 30 minutes of exercise a day is good for the body?

Regular physical activity is good for your health. But in practice, what are the benefits? How does physical activity affect the heart and blood vessels? When you exercise, your heart beats faster. The blood circulates more quickly through the vessels…

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How to choose the right food supplements?

The consumption of food supplements has become commonplace and, at the same time, people are beginning to turn more to natural and ancestral medicines. Well-chosen and used wisely, these products promote well-being, help to compensate for deficiencies and put the…

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How do you get rid of embedded cellulite?

Nowadays, many people complain of cellulite. It is an accumulation of fat and water retention in the subcutaneous tissues giving an orange peel appearance to the skin. For some people, this condition is an ordeal that must absolutely be gotten…

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Buying food supplements based on red yeast rice

phytosterols and monacolin K. This microscopic fungus obtained by cultivation on rice is frequently used as a flavour enhancer and food colouring in Asia. Monacolin K is found in certain food supplements designed to reduce the level of bad cholesterol…

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Seborrheic dermatitis: what are they and how to treat them naturally?

Red scaly erythematous plaques, oily white scales, more infiltrated lesions; itching, burning sensation… seborrheic dermatitis manifests itself in different ways. Caused by excess sebum or by a fungus, this inflammatory dermatosis can appear on the face, scalp, nasolabial folds, eyebrows,…

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