Tips for well-being, health and being in great shape!

A balanced diet, organic fruit and vegetables when possible, limit fats and sugars. Moderately enrich your diet with certain plants or spices such as turmeric (with black pepper), ginger, cinnamon: these substances have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, etc. virtues. Turmeric is even said to be an "anti-depressant". For example, make a drink with hot water, organic honey, organic lemon, and cinnamon. Finally, drink water regularly in small quantities and be careful with acidic/alkalizing foods. Indeed, a less acidifying and more alkalizing food can reduce your fatigue, inflammation, etc..

A good sleep and a daily micro nap

Good bedding, going to bed early when possible, airing the room before sleeping, relaxing through breathing, a relaxing infusion, etc. For many tips to sleep well, you can download this free 29-page pdf proposed by the INPES (National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health). You can also read my article which gives you 2 tips to sleep better. Finally, remember to lie down 5 to 10 minutes a day but no more (at lunchtime for example). Just the fact of lying down without sleeping allows the body to regenerate, relax, recover, let go, etc..

Carry out moderate, adapted and fun physical activity

Sport is essential to stay healthy. If you don't have the "time" to practise outside, here are free LIVE courses broadcast on the internet to follow at home and delivered by professionals from the sports world. It's up to you!

Connect to "nature"

Walking in nature will have an anti-stress effect and will allow you to disconnect for a few moments from new technologies: e-mails, internet, etc! In the end: relaxation, letting go, daylight beneficial to health, better oxygenation, and walking activates the lymphatic system (linked to the immune system). The colour green would also have an impact on us! For more information on the impact of nature on our health, you can read this book: "Why nature is good for us" (Ed Dunod).
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How can we improve our well-being?

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