Healing crystals: The ultimate guide to lithotherapy


Crystal healing is a type of therapy whereby gemstones are used with an aim to bring some balance to a person’s life and mind. The crystals used are said to have an unchanging energy pattern. Each natural stone has its unique frequency, resonance and energy field. There are different natural stones and you can view the various types on specialised website. Their stones are carefully extracted and well-crafted.

There are so many healing crystals out there and people have a common believe that each natural stone is filled with its own healing abilities. Healing crystals are known to promote good aura and they get rid of any negative vibes. Thus, lithotherapy is good for your physical and emotional benefits. Historically, crystals are ancient forms of medicines and the main philosophies about this therapy are borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism. However, there has never been any scientific evidence to support the use and effectiveness of crystals. Despite this fact, people still love the stones’ colours, beauty and ability to improve a person’s state.

If you want to start litho therapy then you should know that you need to indulge in a routine of mindfulness and reflection. Some researchers discovered that a person’s mind has the ability to heal itself and the body. All that’s needed is your full dedication and concentration through the therapy. So, if you want to get started on lithotherapy, you should keep an open mind and research each stone’s ability. To get started, you can go through this guide which is a comprehensive roundup of everything you need to know about healing crystals.

Different Types of Crystals

As mentioned before, there are so many types of natural stones and each stone has its special healing abilities. Here are some of the most common healing crystals:
• Clear Quartz
The clear quartz is a white crystal that is referred to as the “master healer”. It’s popular for amplifying liveliness through absorbing, storing, regulating and releasing it. It also gives you better concentration and good memory. Clear quartz crystals are also known to stimulate the body’s immune system and they balance the entire human body. To enhance its ability, the stone is paired with other stones such as the rose quartz.
• Rose quartz
Just like the name suggests, it is a pink stone and everything about it is to be loved. The rose quartz stone is known to bring back trust and peace in different types of relationships. It also helps create close connections with other people. It’s said to bring comfort and a sense of calmness when you are experiencing grief. The rose quartz crystal encourages love, trust, respect and self-worth.
• Jasper
It’s a smooth crystal referred to as the “supreme nurturer”. It helps you relieve stress. It’s said to strengthen your spirit and support you emotionally even when you are stressed. It also protects you from any negative vibration and replaces that will a feeling of courage, confidence and quick thinking. There three aspects are very vital especially when you’re dealing with important issues.
• Obsidian
The obsidian is a protective crystal that’s said to protect you against any form of physical or emotional negativity. This stone helps you get rid of any emotional blockage or baggage and replaces that with strength, stability, clarity and compassion. These factors help you find your true self. Physically, the obsidian helps the digestion process and detoxification. It also helps reduce body pain and cramps in women.
• Citrine
It brings joy, positivity and enthusiasm to every aspect of your life. This stone will help you release any negative habits from your life. In return, it promotes optimism, motivation, warmth and clarity. It’s also said to enhance qualities like creativity and concentration.
• Turquoise
This crystal is blue in colour and it has powers that help heal the body, mind and soul. Many people see it as a good luck charm that helps you balance emotions. It also helps you find your spiritual strength. As for the body, the crystal has many benefits to the skeletal, respiratory and immune systems.
• Tiger’s eye
If you are in dire need of some motivation or power, then this golden stone is the perfect fit for you. It gets rid of feelings of fear, self-doubt and anxiety. This crystal is especially beneficial to your career and even for your relationships. The stone helps you find harmony and balance as you make clear and conscious decisions.
• Amethyst
The amethyst is a purple crystal that’s popular for protection, healing and purifying. This stone you to get rid of any negative thoughts whilst it brings sincerity, humility and spiritual wisdom. Another benefit of the amethyst is that it promotes sobriety. It’s also associated with enhancing better sleep by helping you if you suffer from insomnia. The stone also cleanses your blood, relieves pain and stress and boosts hormone production.
• Moonstone
The moonstone is popular for “new beginnings”. It brings about inner growth and strength. If you are starting a new life or something new in your life, this stone soothes any feelings of being uneasy. It does this by relieving any instability that might come your way. That way, you can go forward happily and peacefully. The moonstone also promotes positive thinking, gives you inspiration and brings success and good fortune.
• Bloodstone
A very popular name and it lives up to its popularity. The stone helps cleanse your blood by washing out any negative environmental energies. Generally, it improves your blood circulation. As for the mind, the stone promotes creativity, selflessness, and calmness that help you live your daily life well. It also gets rid of feelings of aggressiveness, irritability and impatience.
• Sapphire
A blue stone that’s associated with royalty and wisdom. It attracts prosperity, richness, happiness and inner peace. It does this by opening up your mind to accept the beauty of intuition. For your physical health, the sapphire helps resolve eye problems, cellular and blood disorders. Additionally, it eases anxiety, depression and insomnia.
• Ruby
This red stone restores you’re a person’s vivacity levels. It improves your sex life, sensuality and intellect. It also helps you become self-aware and you can easily realise the truth to your mind. In ancient times, rubies were used to rid any toxins from blood and boost the circulatory system.

How to Choose your Crystal

Since there are so many stones, you need to pick the one you want carefully depending on your need. The first step is to find what you want to remove or to be added into your life. This will help you understand what you need the stone to do for you before you even get it. Thereafter, you will have to follow your intuition as you choose the best crystal for you. Whether a natural stone looks beautiful or you feel a physical pull, that’s the right stone for you. Once you have picked the right stone you have to create a connection so that you can maximise the stone’s healing abilities.

How to Use crystals

Once you have already chosen your crystal you now have to set your intention. You have to decide what you want the crystal to help you with. While in a meditative state, hold your crystal in one hand, focus on the goal you want to achieve, repeat a certain mantra, for example “I want to achieve inner peace and self-worth”. Repeat this process whenever you want to use the crystal. Ensure you cleanse your crystal once in a while. This can be done by bathing it in cold water and laying it out in the moonlight. Alternatively, you can lay them in sand or any natural salts. You can also purchase crystals as part of natural stone jewellery. You can different necklaces and special birthstone pendants.

How It Works

Each stone has its unique forces and healing capabilities. All the crystals are natural and they are never tinted or treated and this includes natural stone jewellery. Before using any natural stone, you have to hydrate your skin well using an oil or cream of your choice. This way, you will experience smooth and gentle movements on the skin. You can use the stone around your eyes, face and neck. Simply move the stone around these areas and you will get the therapeutic results you wanted.

The Benefits of Using Crystals

The main benefits of healing crystals include:
• Mental wellbeing
• Physical healing
• Aligning different areas of your life
• Give you a sense of tranquillity, focus and concentration


While picking and using a natural stone you need to keep an open mind. There are so many positive qualities that these stones offer. Whether you want to prosper or you need specific healing powers, there is a natural stone that’s meant for that work. Why not try litho therapy - it might surprise you.

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