How can I style my white shirt and jeans?

white shirt

It does not matter what type of jeans you wear. This combination will work well.
Historically a white shirt is tied to a display of wealth and distinction. The term white-collar stems from a white shirt. Even today, a white shirt or a low cut white blouse still embraces a lot of its finest appeal, especially when one wears them well. The following article will provide insights on how one can style jeans, white shirts & tops.

For Work

It is unlikely that you will wear jeans to work. However, let us assume that it is a Friday, a day many offices allow casual wear. For women, rock on that white shirt and tuck it into your jeans. That look will go well with open high heels. You can decide to let it slip and blend it with white sneakers. Many a time, a white shirt goes well with blue or black jeans. For men, a white shirt with jeans goes well when the shirt is well-fitting. You do not want to wear an oversized shirt and then button it. You might end up looking like a tent. If you decide to unbutton your shirt, then there is no problem wearing an oversized shirt. Also, ensure to wear skinny jeans with an oversized shirt. You will look more modern. Try and keep a work outfit leaning more on the official wear. For example, choose a long-sleeved cotton shirt.


Of course, a work outfit can be used for dates. Cotton shirts are more expensive and luxurious. After all, you do not want your date to think you are cheap. You have many options with dates. For men, you can choose button-down white collar shirts or IRO shirts and match them with ripped black jeans. A button-down collar keeps the shirt intact to your shoulders. It will not slouch back, particularly when you have narrower shoulders. Try and choose a fitting shirt or a low cut white blouse where you can roll up your sleeves. Add a few bracelets and a classy watch. For women, you can wear a slightly baggy shirt. Feel free to tuck it in your jeans. You do not have to belt your jeans, although wearing a belt will polish your look. Some women keep the sleeves unbutton. It looks like someone is in a hurry that they forgot to button up their sleeves. However, this trend is common among women’s fashion. You can also roll up your sleeves to your elbows or halfway. Ensure to add a good-looking feminine watch with colored heels. This outfit will go well with fitting skinny jeans. The jeans can be ripped at the knees or even at the bottom edges.

Casual Wear

For casual wear, women can wear wide-leg jeans. Keep the white shirt tucked in to ensure that there is balance and proportion. You can add heels, doll shoes, or even open shoes like sandals. Men can put on a sleeveless shirt with black jeans. The design of the white shirt is up to you. Feel free to wear the outfit with suede Chelsea boots or white sneakers. You can also wear black jeans with black sandals or black loafers.
For women, you can play around with a variety of jeans. From high-rise skinny jeans to paper bag jeans. You can also blend a white shirt with vintage straight jeans, which goes well with sandals. This is a perfect outfit for warm weather.

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