Enjoy the energy of amethyst jewellery!

Amethyst, a classic semi-precious stone, is widely used in jewellery, particularly in the design of simple jewellery with the most original creation. Accompanying women in their daily life, these sublime jewels, adorned with amethyst, are available in all precious metals such as gold or silver. Discover in this article everything there is to know about amethyst jewellery.

Amethyst: a timelessly elegant stone

According to the discoveries, Amethyst has its origin in quartz. Found in most cases in the form of geodes or alluvial deposits, this stone is generally violet in colour, the intensity of which varies according to the proportion of iron manganese that it contains. Native to Brazil and Bolivia, it is highly appreciated for its colour ranging from lilac to purple-purple, its elegance as well as for its virtues. Amethyst, which is similar to citrine after artificial heating, has also kept its reputation and its use in jewellery for several centuries. Always in fashion, amethyst jewellery is also prized by women because of its charm.

Amethyst jewellery

Although amethyst is a well-known stone, one can never get tired of the elegance and finesse it brings to jewellery. With the multitudes of choices and prices offered by jewelry stores on the wide range of amethyst jewelry, it is almost impossible not to find shoes to fit your feet. Amethyst jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings are suitable for all women whether they are brunettes or blondes. Moreover, with a faceted amethyst, they are even brighter because they reflect light better. Choose for example a pair of hanging silver earrings with several stones, a cuff bracelet or a rose gold chain with an amethyst pendant.

Special features of amethyst jewellery

Like all jewellery, amethyst jewellery can be a nice birthday gift for a woman or a wedding anniversary gift for your wife at your amethyst wedding (48 years old). You can also please your loved ones by offering them amethyst jewellery during religious holidays like Christmas, or simply during the end of the year celebrations. As easy-to-wear jewellery, they go easily with all styles of clothing from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Moreover, amethyst goes with all colors of dyes and all materials. Thanks to their affordable price, even the most sophisticated jewellery sells reasonably. Thus, whatever your desires, you will find in the vast collections of magnificent amethyst jewellery the one that will please you or surprise your loved ones.

Esoteric meaning and lithotherapy properties of amethyst

Wearing amethyst jewellery has undeniable benefits for the health of body and mind. The healing properties of amethyst are quite numerous. Very beneficial for skin problems, it will help to treat acne and other skin pustules or lesions. The amethyst stone has calming properties against migraine pain and other nervous system disorders. You can visit minerals-kingdom.com/ and learn more about lithotherapy. Amethyst is also a regulating stone that will help restore calm breathing and a more fluid and balanced blood circulation. Problems of stress, anxiety, nervous and muscular hypertension and depressive states tend to resolve quickly when an amethyst stone is held close to a person. Amethyst is also believed to promote sleep and ensure dreams purified from the negative vibrations responsible for nightmares and other sleep disorders. On the spiritual level, amethyst is considered the stone of wisdom and is a powerful link to the divine. These properties purify the atmosphere around the stone wearer through the powerful energy field generated by the amethyst. Meditation practitioners will find in this stone an ally to open the mind, broaden the field of perception and promote spiritual elevation. Amethyst helps to be more receptive to vibrations and messages, both inside and outside. The amethyst is associated with the seventh chakra or crown chakra located at the top of the skull. This chakra is at the origin of spiritual openness and empathic and altruistic connection with others. The stone is associated with the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Its planets are Neptune and Jupiter, its water element. Purification and recharging of amethyst is done by immersing the stone for a few hours in demineralized and slightly salty water, away from light.
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