Lithotherapy is the energetic treatment with stones!

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that brings happiness and well-being on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Here is a complete guide to know everything about this therapy with countless benefits.

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is the energetic treatment with stones. Some natural stones have therapeutic properties to treat ailments. Minerals possess a powerful energy that is distinguished by their composition and crystallization. The body (like all matter in the universe, in whatever form) is composed of energies that release vibrations (which are scientifically measured in the form of vibratory frequencies) and can interact with other energetic bodies around us. These energies change according to our emotional or mental state and can be influenced at any time. It is in these types of situations that lithotherapy is appropriate. You can visit and learn more about lithotherapy and natural stones virtues. Above all, we must believe in the beneficial powers that these stones have; the existence of non-visible energies that make up living beings is very real, like what we see with our eyes on the physical plane. Thanks to quantum science, the science of the infinitely small, it has been possible to discover that beyond matter there is an ocean of energy. The Russians pioneered these discoveries and were able to develop cutting-edge medical care technologies to overcome certain allopathic drug treatments. Called subtle energies, in the jargon of lithotherapy, they are manifestations of our emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. The subtle energy used in lithotherapy acts on our energy bodies and ensures an optimal well-being, if well controlled. The virtues and improvements provided by lithotherapy depend on the stone used.

What is the origin of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an ancestral method. In fact, the beginning of its use goes back very far in the past. This therapy, long forgotten, was named lithotherapy in the twentieth century. In the Stone Age, Cro-Magnon men used stones to make amulets that were worn around their necks as well as statuettes that they kept close to them. The period following prehistory (Antiquity) was characterized by the advent of stones with different and specific characteristics. In the process, the stones began to be used in jewellery. Over the years, the power of stones continued to make its way all over the world, with traces in Asia, America, Africa and Australia. The science of gemstones originates, among others, from ancient Egypt and Atlantis (for those who agree with this historical theory). Concerning this pectoral, the official text of the Exodus describes it precisely on the clothing that Moses wore after having received a commandment from God. Four rows of stones:
  • The first row, Sardoin (Carnelian), a Topaz and an Emerald.
  • The second row: Garnet (a carbuncle), a Sapphire and a Diamond.
  • The third row: an Opal, an Agate and an Amethyst.
  • The fourth row: a Peridot (chrysolite), an Onyx and a Jasper.
The hitory that continued among the Jews shows us that the high priest also adorned himself with a pectoral which was composed, like that of Moses, of these twelve gemstones. They represented the twelve signs of the zodiac, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve tribes of Israel. Note that the number 12 were also the number of the apostles, friends of Jesus. It was from the 18th century onwards that it began to be used for therapeutic purposes. But the evolution resulting from science was taking shape to the detriment of stone healing. However, the 1960s marked a turning point in the practice of lithotherapy, which today is an integral part of medical treatment.
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