How to choose sexy lingerie for your girlfriend?

The world of glamorous fine lingerie can make you dizzy. It is normal that men get lost in the lexicon of lingerie. Offering sexy lingerie is as much a sign of complicity as a gesture of love. But there is no one type of underwear that is sexy or sensual. To be desirable is above all to express this carnal and seductive side. And each woman expresses it differently according to her character and her tastes. That's why the choice of a naughty piece of lingerie will necessarily be personalised. It's up to you gentlemen to determine the desires and needs of your partner. Here are a few tips to make sure you don't make a mistake.

The essential elements to know before offering sexy lingerie

In a lingerie boutique as well as on an online lingerie website, the sales staff or customer service are there to guide you. To guide them in your quest for the rare pearl among the wide choice of sexy lingerie, you will need to know some essential information.

Know your sizes

If you're not sure of her measurements, look directly into her lingerie drawer. The bra size includes two measurements, the bust measurement and the cup size: these two data are crucial to bet on the most appropriate and comfortable underwear. To complete the panty bra set, don't forget to know the bottom size.

Knowing your morphology

Depending on her figure, a woman will naturally opt for a certain shape of underwear. Hence the interest in knowing her morphology. For example, a voluptuous beauty will not necessarily feel comfortable with a string thong, especially since this minimalist underwear, although associated with eroticism and seduction, is far from being the most recommended to enhance a plump woman. It is more judicious to turn to a ravishing high-waisted panty or a black lace openwork shorty. The large size lingerie collections offer a wide range of very sexy and refined lingerie. But it's not only a question of size, but also of morphology. We talk for example of V shape silhouette for those who would have a masculine build, with broad shoulders, a generous chest but with hips and waist erased. If your partner meets this criterion, turn to the sophisticated lingerie set such as the bustier which sublimates the legs, enhances the feminine curves and makes a pronounced bust visually disappear. Even if she hasn't had a corset so far, she'll appreciate tasting something new that will make her look beautiful.

Know your taste in lingerie

It is good to remember that not all women have the same desires, and that romanticism is not limited to red and black; and that seduction is not expressed only by an openwork bustier adorned with straps. A woman will only feel beautiful and sexy if she is comfortable. It is therefore up to you gentlemen to respect her preferences. Naughty lingerie comes in a wide variety of designs. The bare-breasted bra - or breast straightener - is definitely erotic, but if your partner prefers more conventional women's lingerie, don't take the risk of going too far. On the other hand, offering lingerie as a gift can be an opportunity to try out new experiences and dare to take the plunge. It's up to you to judge how mature your relationship is. But it is very often the case that women don't take the time to indulge themselves when they secretly dream of a bustier corset with thin straps made of tulle and lace, open briefs suggesting lacing games, or a femme fatale transparent black body. Once again, you are the only judge.

Our advice for choosing sexy lingerie that she is sure to like

Making the right bra choice

Take care to observe the different types of bras. It's bad form to offer a push-up underwired bra to a woman who swears by the natural triangle. But you will please her by daring to wear the trendy bralette bra that appeals to lingerie lovers without any tricks.

Making the right choice for stockings

What type of panties should I choose? If madame is an aficionada of Brazilian briefs or low waist boxers with a sporty look, stay in the same register by offering new materials or new cuts, such as the embroidered thong. If she likes the retro style, high briefs with a little bow, frilly or delicate ruffles will make her effect.

Lingerie pieces

To go with the must-haves like the corset and garter belt or the sexy body, don't forget to offer the sexy stockings. The night lingerie offers vast possibilities with the negligee, the satin babydoll or the babydoll notched.
How to choose your lingerie in 3 steps?
How to choose lingerie for your girlfriend?

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