Lithotherapy: the powers of natural stones!

Natural stones are used for their meaning and power. Lithotherapy consists of healing ailments through the powers of natural stones, or crystals. These emit a form of vibration or "resonance" that directly impacts the well-being of the person who wears it.

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy works according to three active ingredients. Chromotherapy is related to the colours of natural stones. Oligotherapy is a method of care using trace elements and minerals. The energy of the natural stone, unique and different on each individual is also an active taken into account in lithotherapy. You can visit for more about lithotherapy and natural stones properties.

Costume jewellery with natural stones and real fossils

To convey a message, energy and thoughtfulness when giving a gift, costume jewellery with natural stones is ideal. Each natural stone has a meaning, a particularity and acts in a unique way with each person. Fossil jewellery for men and women is also available. They bear witness to thousands of years of work by nature. It is then possible to wear the trace of a past life, an animal and any disappeared being. When choosing a piece of jewellery, it is important to feel the contact with it and to ask yourself about the benefits sought. Amethyst, for example, provides a feeling of anti-stress, self-confidence, protection and meditation. The stone of Jade, it, has virtues able to fight against kidney problems or digestive disorders. The stone of blue topaz promotes sleep, unblocks emotions and relaxes the nerves. Rose quartz has many virtues including the contribution of self-esteem and diffuses an atmosphere conducive to love around her. Each stone is unique and provides specific goods to its user.

Lithotherapy and protective Stone

In lithotherapy, protection stones are one of the first subjects to be discussed. Indeed, during the learning of this discipline, repeated training implies a growing sensitivity to the energies that surround us. Since some of these energies can be harmful, it is then necessary to know how to protect oneself from them. In fact, each situation will require to know which protection stone will be the most adequate. Protection is a vast field in which there are different types of protection that correspond to different stones. There are a large number of these stones in lithotherapy where each stone has its own particularities. The knowledge of these peculiarities allows you to protect your house in different situations.
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