Choosing the shape of stones and crystals for lithotherapy

Since the dawn of time, wearing jewellery adorned with stones or crystals has meant a lot. Each stone has its own particular property in relation to its shape or colour and even its content. It has its own meaning especially on its contribution. They have effects on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of the person who wears them. Therefore, you should not neglect the importance of the opinion of lithotherapy experts and know your needs beforehand. They are tools for treating illnesses or for meditation.

The goal of lithotherapy

Stones and crystals both have their energetic properties. Each one has its own goal to reach. Before the time of Cleopatra, the contribution of rare and precious stones were reserved for people of a high social class. There were also ethnic jewels that were the personal property of each ethnic group. Each individual feels this vibration to feel protected, to change his bad mood, to relax and to be healed. The practice of this therapy helps the person to regain self-confidence, have a good sleep, soothe a problem. Each obstacle has its own stone or crystal to fight it. For more information and help, we invite you to research specialized sites such as for instance.

Some mineral stones or crystals for the practice of lithotherapy

They are jewels made of natural stones such as: rock crystal, it is the masterpiece, it amplifies the energetic power of the chakras. The amethyst, which promotes imagination and clarity of mind, provides relaxation and peace. Tiger's eye or bull's eye or labradorite have the same protective effect and restore self-confidence and flexibility. As black tourmaline has the same function as before, it is a protective shield against bad waves. Rose quartz and sodalite give you a great soothing effect. Each stone or crystal fights against energies harmful to our body and protects us. They are all called protective stones. Before all choose the color and ask the expert's opinion if this color suits you or not. The bigger the stone is, the more powerful it is.

The chakra of each stone according to its color

Each color of natural stones has its own particular chakra. The red stones like red jasper, red garnet, red carnelian are anchors and for safety: this is the root chakra. The orange coloured stones like orange carnelian and orange calcite are for creativity, progression and sexual energy: this is the sacred chakra. The yellow stones like amber and citrine are for regaining self-confidence and having inner strength and great motivation: this is the solar plexus chakra. The stones of light blue color like turquoise, blue lace agate, angelite are for those who have problems communicating with others and oral expression: it is the throat chakra. The stones of green color like jade, green tourmaline are for compassion and love: it is the chakra of the heart.
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