How does lithotherapy act?

Its approach is based on holism, a technique that heals the whole being. The action carried out by the lithotherapy stones on the subtle energy system mobilizes this energy by interaction by transmitting it to the main planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of the organism. Lithotherapy rebalances energy to alleviate physical ailments such as digestive disorders and migraines. It restores vigour to an organ and also helps you to get back to sleep. Even if you don't believe in it, the therapy works. However, the treatment is more complicated for more recalcitrant people. They develop a kind of energetic defence barrier that prevents the good energies from acting on their body. But everything also depends on the state of being at the time of therapy, because a person will never be 100% receptive, or the opposite. According to this therapy, the waves emitted by these natural stones, like those available at MINERALS KINGDOM for instance, can influence our vibrations when they interact with our energies. Thus, the energy that emanates from the natural stones acts on our personal energy in order to soothe mental and physical pain.

How to choose a lithotherapy stone?

Not all types of protective stones are suitable for lithotherapy. The natural stones used are either semi-precious or precious, in the form of crystals, polished or rough. On the other hand, polished stones are appreciated for their practical side: it can be more pleasant in the pocket and does not damage clothes. Their strength and frequency depend on their composition. The reference stones in lithotherapy are:
  • Black tourmaline, obsidian, labradorite, rock crystal and many others like blue topaz.
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black tourmaline, or tourmaline schorl, prevents harmful energies and negativities from harming you. It relieves pain by a simple touch on the painful area.
In your home, it acts on magnetic fields and limits the propagation of electromagnetic waves emanating from household electrical appliances. Thus, it limits any geological and electromagnetic disturbance in your home, and offers general well-being to the occupants. For example, for a house very disturbed by these waves or by geological nuisances, such as an underground fault or a water source, place a large block of tourmaline in each corner of the room to be rebalanced. The benefits of black tourmaline :
  • Removes negative energies
  • Relieves pain by contact on area
  • Limits electromagnetic waves


The obsidian possesses an exemplary force of protection against psychic attacks from black magic or the lower astral. It requires a controlled use. This stone is effective physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It helps to channel the energy of the organism. It also helps to fight fears and emotional blockages. Obsidian is also used to fight against seizures, hysteria and epilepsy. The benefits of obsidian:
  • Fight against black magic
  • Channels energy
  • Fights fears and emotional blockages
  • Agitates on the physical, psychic and spiritual level


Labradorite is a reference in lithotherapy. It allows practitioners to better perceive auras and to soothe ailments by laying on of hands. It is also called the therapist's stone because it protects any individual who is in frequent contact with emotionally destabilized people. This stone helps to manage stress, stimulates intellect and creativity, and eliminates negative thoughts from your mind. On a physical level, it rebalances the energy system, stimulates blood circulation and relieves migraines. The benefits of Labradorite :
  • Alleviates the evils
  • Luitte against stress
  • Stimulates creativity and intellect
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves migraines

Rock crystal

Rock crystal has purifying and therapeutic virtues. It can be used on all the chakras and opens them to make them more powerful. This stone eliminates energies that are detrimental to your well-being, unblocks blockages and purifies your mind. With the rock crystal, you will be able to relieve your back pain, treat digestive tract problems and stimulate your blood circulation. It is also distinguished by its power to reinforce the energies of other stones. The virtues of rock crystal:
  • Opens the chakras
  • Purifies your mind
  • Relieves back pain
  • Treats digestive problems
  • Stimulates blood circulation

How to clean the lithotherapy stones?

The stone needs to be purified and recharged after every use. Indeed, it transmits all its energy and it must be reinvigorated to be used again.

How to use lithotherapy to heal yourself?

Numerous testimonies from practitioners and patients prove the effectiveness of this therapy. To take advantage of the benefits of lithotherapy, you can wear the stones as a jewel in a pendant or bracelet, put them in your pocket or put them on a painful area. It is important to know that lithotherapy has impressive virtues, but it does not replace conventional medicine. It is considered a complementary aid that provides you with optimal well-being.
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