How to choose your lingerie in 3 steps?

It's not always easy to find the right lingerie for you. Choosing the right women's underwear depends on her morphology, her bust size, her curves, the cut of the underwear and even the materials used... The greatest brands of top-of-the-range women's lingerie, through their experience and know-how, bend over backwards to meet the needs of each and every woman and sublimate the female silhouette. But you still need to know where to look. And above all, to get to know each other well. This articles gives you a few step-by-step tips to help every woman, petite or plump, find her happiness and blossom without any complexes.

The importance of choosing the right bra

Before you consider whether the triangle bra trend is right for you, or whether the plunging neckline matches your bust, it's important to choose the right bra size. This advice is not superfluous because, according to several studies, seven out of ten women wear a bra that is not adapted to their morphology, which can cause dermatological problems and other muscular and back pain. It is recommended that you measure your bra size at least once a year because the body changes over the years, depending on weight gain or loss or pregnancy. To take your measurements, look at your chest circumference (at the highest point) and the underside of your chest. To find out the cup size, which is expressed in a letter, simply subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement. But this measurement is only indicative. It is best to try on different sizes and shapes. Once you've found the right bra size, the next step is to find out which type of bra (triangle, push-up, push-up...) best suits your figure.

The ideal bra for large breasts

At the large size lingerie brands specialising in deep cups such as Prima Donna, Chantelle, Simone Pérèle, Empreinte or Félina-Conturelle, you will find the perfect large bra for large breasts. Obviously, some models are more suitable than others. The push-up bra will be worn with optimal support in mind. The minimizer is used to melt the cleavage. It is advisable to always opt for a wire bra. For example, a bandeau with removable straps or push-up, as long as it is not too padded, is not prohibited!

The right bra for small breasts

Even if a woman has small breasts, it is crucial to wear a bra to avoid jerking during sudden movements, which are not recommended in the long term for the breasts. Whether you assume your own shape or want to create a beautiful cleavage, anything is possible with the small-breast bra. It's all a question of knowing what effect you want to achieve. The underwire-free bra is comfortable to wear and is appreciated for its natural style. The push-up bra centres the bust and raises the breasts for a plunging neckline. Same thing with the balconnet or balconette bra. The padded or cup model reshapes the breasts by giving them a round shape.

The importance of choosing the right stockings

Whether you have a slim waist, rounded buttocks, long legs, or you want to slim your hips and create a flat tummy effect, luxury women's lingerie has thought of everything. All body shapes are included. If panties and briefs are the must-haves of the lingerie drawer, we can also be tempted by models like the high-waisted panties or the string thong. To hide a little wide hips, we opt for the high-waisted shorty to not mark the waist. The boxer shorts, covering the buttocks and upper thighs, gives volume and a nice curve to buttocks considered too flat. Do you have a nice rounded buttocks? Highlight them in an ultra trendy thong. Would you like to camouflage your little belly? The high-waisted panties, in addition to mitigating the small bulges with a slightly sheathing effect, is available in ultra sexy models, from black lace to warm and dynamic colors. The panties sheathing or sculpting has been renewed by offering beautiful feminine cuts, in noble materials.

Choosing lingerie that makes you feel good

We can never repeat it enough: if it is important to know your body type to choose the right lingerie, you must first of all feel comfortable. No need to force yourself to wear a red and black lace corset if you are a fan of the Brazilian floral pattern cotton briefs. Women's lingerie, to be desirable or simply to look good in your underwear, adapts to the styles of all women. Some women do not dare to wear lace. For lovers of natural lingerie, a pretty briefs from Simone Pérèle will be as glamorous as sensual. Naughty lingerie and sexy sets are not for everyone. The most modest ones will know how to enhance their body without revealing too much with invisible lingerie. If you are attracted by sexy lingerie but you don't dare to take the step, read our guide which explains how to wear sexy lingerie without complexes.
How to choose lingerie for your girlfriend?
How to choose sexy lingerie for your girlfriend?

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