How to choose lingerie for your girlfriend?

Maybe right now you'll tell me! But at the end of this article, lingerie will have no more secrets for you and you will be able to offer lingerie for your girlfriend... So first of all, you should know that between these "froufrous" and your sweetheart, a real passion has set in: being naughty, exciting for her but also for you is a little hidden erotic game that she particularly likes! So don't be afraid to please her by pleasing you.

But which lingerie for my girlfriend?

It is true that you have only the embarrassment of the choice; thongs, panties, thongs, boxer, whalebone bra or without, push-up (which gives a little more volume to the breasts), the possibilities are multiple...but for once do not hesitate to innovate and find the set that your beautiful does not know yet. Quietly, while your lady is shopping, you will go and search in the mysterious drawer that will reveal those famous numbers that a lady always wants to keep secret. And you'll be sure not to make a mistake unless, of course, she's lying to herself, but that would be a bit far-fetched, wouldn't it?

But may I choose a more naughty cloth for her?

Why not! Of course, if your relationship is just beginning, wait a little...don't pass for the horny and perverse man in her eyes that you are absolutely not. But if your couple is blossoming (or not in fact, just to start the machine again) then you will find sexy little devil sets, very naughty satin slit thongs (yes yes, slit! there is such a thing!) very erotic combinations that will also please your partner without any doubt. One last piece of advice, gentlemen: to please is all year round...Stop giving lingerie on Valentine's Day or her birthday! Be audacious and we'll show you ours!
How to choose your lingerie in 3 steps?
How to choose sexy lingerie for your girlfriend?

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