Tips for a successful evening makeup

Women wear make-up not on a whim, but to highlight the different assets of the face and at the same time. Make-up is also used to conceal small imperfections. For this purpose, it must be well worked and matched to the shape of the eyes.

Peggysage make-up: more than just make-up

The universal does not really exist in terms of make-up, because it is a personalized practice according to the style or the event. Some opt for vintage style, others prefer glamour. On a daily basis, it is advisable to wear simple make-up. Nevertheless, the spirit remains the same: to highlight natural beauty. Peggysage make-up is prized for a distinguished look whatever the occasion: lipstick, contour palettes, lip pencil are all there.

Little tips for a "festive" make-up

We love to put on makeup, but you can't do it just any old how. Success rests on a good foundation of know-how that starts with the usual gestures, including scrubbing and moisturizing the facial skin. Make-up ideas are born on special occasions such as weddings. A peeling at home or in a salon would be ideal to restore the skin's radiance. This process enhances the natural features of the face and the glittery appearance, while daring deep red on the lips.

A balanced make-up

Make-up is used to accentuate the look and not to weigh it down for an evening or for any other type of ceremony. A small touch of discretion is more than enough. For this, it is essential to focus on the natural to have a light, covering effect without neglecting the coif side. The application of a concealer makes it easy to camouflage dark circles and small imperfections. In addition, good quality tools and suitable products must be used to sublimate it.
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