Permanent make-up: opting for the demographer!

Permanent make-up is a revolutionary technique that is increasingly appealing to women. For beauticians, it is an opportunity to seize! However, dermo-pigmentation requires a specific device for optimal results: the dermograph.

What exactly is the dermograph?

The dermograph is an essential equipment to achieve a permanent makeup. It is neither a tattoo machine nor a tricodermograph. The dermograph has a smaller size and is equipped with a control panel to allow users to modulate the insertion time and speed. What is its function? It is used to introduce pigments into the upper dermis of the skin to obtain a permanent make-up according to one's desires or to correct defects. What are its advantages? It provides a more natural effect and saves precious time.

Currently, two types of dermographs are available:

The manual dermograph: it has a monobloc and a stylus and as its name indicates, it should be activated manually. What is its biggest flaw? It is less accurate. And the electric dermograph: it is the most practical but also the most expensive. To turn it on, you would have to plug it into an electrical outlet. It is equipped with a monobloc, a stylus and a needle.

Which dermograph to choose?

Not all dermographs are the same. In order to make the right choice, you must take into account the following parameters: The quality of the device: a quality device will guarantee you an optimal result, will reduce the risk of injuries and will have a better longevity. It is therefore better to buy equipment with the CE mark to ensure that it complies with the technical standards imposed by the European Union. It's a guarantee of reliability Features: Choose a professional dermograph that is lightweight, free of vibration and noise, which will make you more comfortable every time you use it and make your customers happy The type: The electric dermograph is easier to handle. It's the ideal choice for beginners. The options are: initially, flee from ultra-complex machines with multiple functions. Instead, opt for an easy-to-use permanent make-up dermograph. Warranty: Equipment with a one-year warranty will protect you from additional expenses in case of problems or technical failures. Finally, compare prices before you buy. For a product of the same brand and features, the cost can vary from single to double. However, beware of overly attractive offers. The device may be detrimental to your customer base and will not stand up to heavy use.

Where to buy a permanent makeup dermograph?

To purchase a permanent makeup dermograph, there are several alternatives:

Specialized stores

You will discover some models designed by different brands. However, you will lose a lot of time by going from one shop to another to compare the available offers.

The sites of announcements

New or used dermographs are also sold on general advertisement sites. However, there is no guarantee!

And the virtual shops of professionals

On line, you will find many distributors offering a whole range of equipment for permanent make-up and dermo-pigmentation. The advantages are multiple. You don't need to move from home. The order can be made remotely and the supplier undertakes to deliver your material to your home. This will certainly save you a considerable amount of time. In addition, on the Internet, you will have access to more choices and the prices are more attractive. Finally, online transactions are currently reliable thanks to the payment method offered.
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