Permanent make-up: lip tattooing

Nowadays, it is possible to change your lips completely thanks to permanent make-up. One or two sessions of dermopigmentation and you get fuller lips, a real charm for women. Zoom on this innovative technique.

Understanding the technique of lip tattooing

Dermopigmentation or permanent lip make-up is a technique that aims to inject pigments into the lips. These bio-resorbable minerals are administered with a very fine needle into the dermis. Permanent make-up is used to reshape the lip contour and slightly change the colour of the lips to obtain a long-lasting and natural make-up at the same time. It is the revolution of full lips without surgery. You can resort to lip tattooing to eliminate the need for makeup every morning or to camouflage a flaw. In all cases, pigmentation is performed between the dermis and the granular layers of the skin. Therefore, the result is not permanent. If you want a definitive result, you must pigment the skin down to the dermis.

What are the different dermopigmentation techniques?

There are various lip tattoo techniques, including 3D lips, glam shine and full lips. These are, in fact, the most common methods used in beauty salons. Your dermatologist will advise you on the choice of technique according to the desired result. The full lips effect, for example, allows you to fill in all the lips, from the contour to the inside. You can choose the same natural lip colour or a completely different colour. Why not opt for your favourite lipstick colour? Then, the 3D lip effect or fade effect can also fill in all lips. However, the pigments are implanted in a gradient, i.e. the same colour is applied, gradually fading from the outside inwards. This helps to reinforce the luminosity in the centre of the lips. This is the best technique for full lips. Next, there is the lip contour. This method also allows you to give a fuller look to your lips while redefining the irregular contour. You can adopt a more discreet tone or a true lip pencil effect. Finally, the last permanent lip make-up is glam shine. Unlike other techniques, it does not redefine the lip contour, but rather boosts the shine of the lips. A clear pigment is applied to the lips to make them catch the light better.

Permanent Lip Makeup: Caution

Many people have doubts before they take the plunge. Is permanent lip makeup risky? Indeed, lip tattooing is painful, but in no way presents a risk. On the other hand, it must be carried out under the conditions of statutory hygiene. The professional must use a sterile and single-use needle. Then, prefer natural pigments to avoid risks of allergy. Always ask the institute to know the origin and quality of the products it uses. Note that the tattoo of the lips is not definitive. The result lasts 4 weeks to 4 years depending on the technique used. But on average, the dermopigmentation fades after 2 years. Logically, the brighter the shade, the longer it will last. If you do not like the result obtained with permanent lip make-up, it is always possible to erase it with a laser. However, this is a painful and expensive technique. So, before you start, think carefully. Normally, the professional will first draw the outline with a pencil to agree together on the desired result. He also applies several colours to allow you to choose the ideal shade before implanting the pigments.
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