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As mentionned on Threads Of Fashion, fashion has presented itself to mankind at every moment of its history. We can say that it has gone through

time. Nowadays, we hear a lot more about the “world of fashion”. Indeed, fashion

has almost become an institution, a way of life, a know-how.


Fashion as a discipline

Fashion has become a discipline in its own right, and today major schools are springing up to train stylists and other fashion specialists all over the world. More details on


Body care


To have a satiny, even and golden skin, the trick is to take advantage of your summer holidays for a natural tan on the beach. The technique for an excellent tan is to moisturize every day, choose a good protection, apply sunscreen correctly, nourish the epidermis at the end of a long sun exposure…

Manicure and pedicure

A manicure session includes nail filing, application of emollient, soaking, cuticle maintenance using cravings tweezers, use of moisturizing creams to nourish the hands. Foot care includes nail filing, emollient cuticle gel, foot bath, exfoliation and rapping.


The choice of hairstyle does not only depend on the shape of the face. The choice also depends on the nature of the hair. Women who are lucky enough to have soft or straight hair can adopt any hairstyle. Women who have frizzy or curly hair need to be more careful to enhance their hairstyles.



You can either choose between different trendy hairstyles or change your hair colour. It is also important to find the perfect haidresser and to check the products he or she uses.



Belts, hats, scarves, natural jewellery, etc. By the way, if you don’t know what the latter looks like, visit Minerals Kingdom. There is always one or more accessories to match your clothes out there!


Body and face care

Take care of your skin’s well-being by applying daily body care and certified facial beauty products. Organic products are recommended to take care of your body and skin in the long term.



Searching for perfume on the Internet is easy thanks to a classification by category: women’s perfume, men’s perfume, home fragrance, promotional sales, new ranges…

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Relaxation Tips



In order to appear in great shape, there are several tips to stick to on a daily basis. Among these are some habits to adopt in order to fall asleep well and diets to feel relaxed or to slim down. Well-being also involves yoga sessions, massages and spa sessions. Find articles and tips on how to feel better.

Body care

Among the many tricks to take care of your body there are different beauty products, massage, facial care, foundation, mascara, make-up remover. The beauty product varies according to the type of skin. You can take care of your appearance by waxing and moisturizing the epidermis.

Relaxation treatment

There are several cures to help you relax. This is the case for thalasso or balneotherapy sessions. You can also relax during a discovery, beauty, fitness or anti-stress stay. The main aim of the relaxation and fitness stay is to relieve stress, migraines, fatigue and everyday neck pain.